Some of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions…


I'm interested! When will I be able to get Smithville service?

To check the availability of Smithville fiber services in your Fiberhood click here.

What's a "fiberhood?"

When we designed the installation of fiber to the Jasper area, we divided up the homes and neighborhoods into "Fiberhoods", based primarily on the number of homes in each area, along with other physical area considerations.

Who do I contact with questions about construction in my neighborhood?

Smithville is committed to improving your neighborhood and minimizing disruptions and inconvenience to you during this project. If you have any questions regarding construction in your area, please call our Smithville team at (877) 513-4237.

What locations in Jasper are included in the GigaCity plan?

Smithville is committed to provide fiber to every home and business within Jasper’s city limits. See the full map here and timeline.

I like my current cable company. Why should I switch?

A true Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) installation offers much more than coaxial cable or even a hybrid coaxial/fiber installation. Fiber and its unique capacity to carry a signal means it can support much higher bandwidths at much greater distances than traditional communication systems used by cable companies. Fiber doesn't need amplifiers and booster equipment to improve signal quality like coaxial cable often needs.

Also, highly reliable Gigabit fiber service is at least 10 times faster than what traditional coaxial cable systems can offer. Further, fiber "future-proofs" a home or business from advances in technology. You can run multiple devices at once, watch separate HD movies at the same time, and connect at high speed and high capacity whenever you need to at the speed of light.

What does having Gigabit speeds mean for me?

It means a better experience. You won't ever have to worry about running out of bandwidth if you and everyone in your whole family wanted to use the internet in your home at the same time. It means you can download an HD movie in one minute compared to almost an hour with the connection you likely have today. It means you can work from home without worrying about your connection to your office. Choosing fiber over cable is a far better decision over time.

What happens if I cancel my Smithville services?

Once you have cancelled your services with us, our Customer Service Representative will instruct you on how to return equipment to us. We will ask for you to return you GigaCenter and its power cord. We will also ask that you return any additional equipment you may have from us, like set-top-boxes you were using, etc. If this equipment is not returned in a timely manner after you have cancelled your services, you will be billed for the equipment.

I have old-unusable Traditional TV set-top-boxes and cables, what can I do with these items?"

Smithville is no longer collecting these items for recycling. Do not throw these away in your trash, please recycle these items responsibly. Click here for a list of e-waste collectors near you.

Why is the cable-style traditional TV package going away?

Earlier this year, we launched the Smithville Streaming TV service. One of the motivations in developing this new product was the recognition that the world of TV is rapidly changing. As content costs continue to increase, the traditional model of forcing consumers to take packages containing hundreds of channels, most of which they never watch, is becoming too expensive. At the same time, people want the flexibility of on-demand content that is accessible from multiple devices. Furthermore, an increasing variety of original programming is being created that is exclusively available through streaming TV providers.

What should I expect once I sign up?

Once you sign up, a Customer Service Representative will begin processing your order. When construction is ready to begin in your area, they will give you a call to verify your selected services and send you the required service contracts for your electronic signature. Once the signed contract is received and your street is ready to have services, we will call you again to schedule your first appointment. Find out the details of your upcoming experience here: What to Expect during my in-home visits and Interactive Map of what will happen to your home.

The sign-up form says I have to select Gigabit Internet service in order to get other services. Why can't I just sign up for Streaming TV or Voice services?

All of our services rely on gigabit fiber, which offers the highest quality and the best value.

Can I landscape over the fiber in my yard?

Yes! We will bury our fiber at least three feet deep, so any surface-level landscaping will not affect the fiber. Of course, if your plans are more extensive, you should always call before you dig. Forty-eight hours prior to any digging, dial 811 to have all of your underground utilities located.

What happens when I lose power?

The GigaCenter will lose all services, including telephone, Internet, Streaming TV, and Wi-Fi. Battery backups are available at most home electronics retailers and are highly recommended. If only your GigaCenter has lost power, check the breakers and any grounded outlets which could be affecting the outlet your GigaCenter is plugged into.

When your power comes back on, the GigaCenter may take up to 10 minutes to power up and rejoin the network. Please call Tech Support if you need assistance with this.

Wireless Internet

How will my new fiber based wireless internet be installed?

Check out our super cool Interactive Floor Plan for installation details. Seriously, it's pretty cool.

What does a GigaCenter look like?

A GigaCenter is a small upright black box, about the size of a cereal box. It is small enough to sit next to a TV, be mounted on the wall, or sit on a desk. It likely looks similar to your most recent wireless router.

Where and how should my GigaCenter be placed?

Your GigaCenter should be centrally located in your home in order to receive the best whole-home wireless coverage. Our technicians will work with you to identify the ideal placement of the GigaCenter. For optimal Wi-Fi signal, it should not be placed in a closed entertainment center. The GigaCenter is designed to be upright with adequate ventilation. Please do not place anything on top of your GigaCenter, get it wet, let your cat knock it over, or expose it to extreme temperatures.

What will be connected to my GigaCenter?

The services you have with us will determine what connections you have coming from your GigaCenter. Every GigaCenter will have be connected to a fiber optic jumper wire and a power cord. If you have any hard-wired connectivity needs, you will also have an Ethernet cable connected to the GigaCenter and connecting on to another device. Finally, if you have our voice services, you will also have a telephone cable coming out of the GigaCenter's telephone port. This cable may or may not route back into you wall to activate more than one phone line.

Can the connections be changed?

Port 4 and the telephone port on the GigaCenter should never be disconnected or changed out. Ports 1, 2, & 3 are all available data ports that can be used interchangeably for various hardwired devices.

Can I move my GigaCenter?

Feel free to move the GigaCenter as far as the power cable and fiber jumper lengths will allow. Any movement of the GigaCenter beyond what those lines can accommodate will require assistance from a Smithville Telecom technician. Please contact us if you need to move your GigaCenter to a different room.

How do I connect to my wireless WiFi network?

Your Wi-Fi SSID (the name of the wireless network as it will appear on the device you are trying to connect) and WPA Key are located on the GigaCenter. You can change the default SSID by logging into the GigaCenter configuration.

To connect, make sure your wireless connection on the device that you want to connect with is turned on. Once that device has identified the broadcasted SSID of the GigaCenter, connect your device to the signal and then enter the WPA key (found on the device) to complete the connection.

How do I change my SSID and Password?

Follow our easy instructions below to change your Smithville Fiber wireless SSID and password. Make sure you record any configuration changes you may make. Infrequently, certain upgrades to the Smithville system may cause the factory settings to be restored.

  1. Connect your device to the GigaCenter.
  2. Go to:
  3. Enter the username and the password found on your GigaCenter SSID label.
  4. Select the "Quick Start" option along the top of the webpage.
  5. Click the "On" radial button to enable the wireless function.
  6. In the provided boxes, type in the desired name and new password of your networks.
  7. Click Apply.

Please contact us if you have any trouble.

How do I set up a guest network within my Smithville wireless network?

To activate a guest network within your new Smithville Fiber wireless, follow these quick steps:

  1. Connect your device to the GigaCenter.
  2. Go to:
  3. Enter the username and the password found on your GigaCenter SSID label.
  4. Select the "Wireless" option along the top of the webpage.
  5. Select the "2.4GHz_Guest" option on the left side of the screen.
  6. Set the SSID State setting to "Enable"
  7. Set the Broadcast SSID setting to "Enable"
  8. In the "Rename SSID:" field enter the desired name of your network.
  9. Click Apply
  10. Repeat steps 4 – 8 for the "5Ghz_Guest" option.

Please contact us if you have any trouble.

What is the WPS button and when do I use it?

WPS, or Wireless Protected Setup, allows a WPS enabled wireless device (e.g. smart phone, tablet, laptop) to connect to a Wi-Fi signal without having to know or enter the wireless password. Pressing the WPS button on the GigaCenter will open a 30-second window for a WPS enabled device to connect. WPS must be activated on the wireless device during that 30-second window.

What download speed am I getting on my new device?

You can quickly find out what speed your device is connected out by conducting a speed test at Smithville’s gigabit speed test server

Why is my device experiencing lower than gigabit speeds?

There are many factors that could contribute to the fact that your device may not be operating at full gigabit speeds even though we are delivering gigabit speeds to your doorstep. Here is some information that may help explain – What can you expect from Smithville Fiber Internet?

Is there a limit on data usage?

At the moment, there is no limit on the amount of data you can use each month.


What is "Enhanced Voicemail"?

Our voicemail services, like our Gigabit Internet, go above and beyond. Besides callers being able to leave you a voice message, Smithville's Enhanced Voicemail service allows you to manage your voicemail box online and receive voicemails in your email inbox! Learn how to set up the mailbox, change your greeting, listen to messages, save them, forward them, and do more by reviewing our set up guide. If you need to log-into the voicemail system, click here.

Does your Unlimited Long Distance include international calling?

Unfortunately, international calling is NOT included in our Unlimited Long Distance service. If this is a service you require, review our international calling rates.

Can I use a different long distance carrier if I use Smithville Voice services?

Smithville offers an excellent Unlimited Long Distance plan for no extra charge with our voice service.

Streaming TV

What devices can I use to watch Smithville Streaming TV?

We are currently able to deliver over iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), Android devices, and the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

What channels can I get with Streaming TV?

Refer to the page for the current channel line-up, under the "See What's On" section.

Why doesn't streaming work when I leave my house?

Smithville Streaming TV is specifically a product to help folks that are ready to give up traditional TV packages and use a la carte streaming services. It is restricted to use on Smithville Internet because of the contracts we have with the programming providers.

I just got the error "Maximum # of devices reached". What does that mean?

I just got the error "The information entered was incorrect or the server is unavailable, please try again". What does that mean?

I just got the error "The user has reached the maximum number of secondary screen devices". What does that mean?

These are the wording the different devices will deliver if you have exceeded 5 registered devices.

Due to licensing requirements, each Streaming TV customer is allowed up to 5 devices. If you need more on a regular basis, you can add 5 more for an additional fee, just ask a friendly Customer Service representative at (800) 742-4084 or send us a note via our Contact Form.

If you gave a guest access and they no longer need it, you can contact Technical Support at that same number to have all registered devices removed, setting you back to 0 devices. As you authenticate devices, the number-counting restarts. Perhaps you no longer have a device (you traded to a new phone or device) – you can call Technical Support and ask them to remove all registered devices from your account. This resets the licenses to zero, and you then start counting as you re-authenticate current devices.

How do I Setup my Streaming TV device?

Click on your device below to get started:

If I get 10 licenses with the Streaming TV product (5 that are included in the base price, plus 5 additional), can I have 10 devices streaming all at the same time?

Yes. Be aware though that having them all (or many) play at the same time over a Wifi router signal could result in a softer viewing quality. Buying licenses doesn't increase bandwidth; it only allows for additional devices to authenticate.

Do I need an ethernet connection for my device?

Ethernet is not required for Smithville Streaming TV, but it does offer the most reliable streaming experience you can get.

The volume on some of my streaming devices is much louder than on others. Can you make them the same?

We can adjust volume somewhat, and have done our best to make all device volume the same. However, some volume is out of our hands, and will need to be managed on your device.

Your streaming video mentions Cloud DVR - when will that be available?

There are some technical challenges with the DVR functionality, and we want it to be the best version possible before we make it available to our customers. Once we have it ready, we'll update the web-page, and will notify existing customers.

I love the Restart and Catch-Up features! On my iPad I am able to rewind and also skip ahead through commercials while I'm using those features, but I haven't figured out how to do that when streaming. How does that work?

Each device has unique capabilities as driven by their product developers. The iOS and Android devices do allow rewind and skip ahead with both Restart and Catch-Up, but the Amazon Fire Stick does not have that ability.

Why doesn’t Smithville carry a traditional TV package?

The world of TV is rapidly changing. People want the flexibility of on-demand content that is accessible from multiple devices and an increasing variety of original programming is being created that is exclusively available through streaming TV providers. As content costs continue to increase, the traditional model of forcing consumers to take packages containing hundreds of channels, most of which they never watch, became far too expensive for both Smithville and our customers, so we elected to offer a local streaming package to our customers.

How do I use the “Restart” and “Catch-Up” features on my streaming device?

iPhone Restart & Catch-Up: Check out our video
iPad Restart & Catch-Up: Check out our video
Android Phone Restart & Catch-Up: Check out our video
Firestick Restart & Catch-Up: Check out our video