Here’s What the Speed of Light Really Means

Today’s families are already operating at light speed — operating multiple data-gobbling devices at once while keeping up hectic lifestyles. And businesses? Watch what happens at today’s workplaces when the internet goes down — work comes to an abrupt and swift halt.

So while we could get all scientific here, explaining the science of fiber optics (which is pretty cool!), we know that when you’re deciding if gigabit fiber speed is right for you, here’s what you really need to know.

a Webpage

Average US Speed

Smithville Fiber

(Assumes webpage size of 1.2 MB)

an Album

Average US Speed

Smithville Fiber

(Assumes album size of 75 MB)

a Movie

Average US Speed

Smithville Fiber

(Assumes file size of 3.0 GB)

As you can see, there is no comparison. Fiber optics technology simply blows cable out of the water. So go ahead. Download movies and tv shows, stream music, Skype with grandma and watch all the cute kitten videos you want. With all the time you save not watching the download progress bar — today’s equivalent of watching paint dry — life definitely just got better.

Not only will Jasper residents reap the benefits of Smithville fiber optic connectivity, business owners and employees will love the difference. It’s a night-and-day difference that can increase productivity, customer satisfaction and a healthy bottomline.

“The speed is lightning fast compared to AT&T and there is no lag time in the service between our branches.”
– Shea Hooten, President, Bedford Federal Savings Bank

“CarDon Information Services is responsible for maintaining a fast and reliable internet connection at Brookside Village in Jasper, IN. Reliability was paramount in our decision to choose Smithville as our primary fiber provider in central and south Indiana due to our hosted EMR application which must be accessible 24/7/365. Our partnership with Smithville has helped us provide the superior level of service our staff and residents have come to expect from the CarDon Family of Companies.”
– Jeff Barnhill, Director of Network Operations – CIS

Fiber 101

Fiber 101.1  |  Do your remember the party line?

There was a day when we shared our phone line with the other families in our neighborhood. Seems archaic now, doesn’t it: waiting until the teenager across the street is finished talking to his girlfriend before you can use the phone?

But, did you know you are still using the party-line type technology today if you have cable Internet? With cable, you and your neighbors share the connection to the Internet. That’s why everything slows to a crawl in the evening after everyone gets home from work and school.

Our online connection is becoming more important every day.  [Read More…]

Fiber 101.2  |  Smithville Fiber and you, making Jasper “Future Proof”

Making the communities we serve “Future Proof” is one of the ways Smithville Fiber makes life better. What do we mean by Future Proof? Providing advanced communication technology & connectivity that ensures communities like Jasper, its citizens and businesses are ready for the digital future no matter what that may be.  [Read More…]

Fiber 101.3  |  Having Choices Makes Life Better

Whether you’re talking ice cream, coffee or technology, having choices makes life better. Right now Jasper residents and businesses don’t have many choices when it comes to connectivity and the services being connected make possible. There’s one choice for cable broadband and cable tv and that option is based on slower less reliable, decades old technology.   [Read More…]

Fiber 101.4  |  Smithville Fiber Makes Life Better

It’s no secret – the speed and capacity of fiber-based super-fast Internet will soon be a game-changer in Jasper homes and businesses. But did you know that Smithville Fiber will do far more than just connect your home or business to the Internet? Smithville’s fiber-driven StreamingTV, voice and additional services can improve most of the communication and entertainment services you use today, using incredible gigabit performance and fiber’s reliability.   [Read More…]