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Smithville Fiber $15 million GigaCity project on track, more than 3,200 Jasper homes now fiber-capable

Completing this year’s construction, Smithville Fiber recently opened two new Jasper neighborhoods in December 2017, making high-speed gigabit fiber service and other products available to additional area residents.

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Smithville to host Jasper Fun Fair June 3rd, citywide project now past half-way point in development

Smithville Fiber will host the Jasper Fun Fair at the Jasper Middle School Saturday, June 3. The afternoon event will offer Jasper residents the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon of fun events (bouncy house, face painting, basketball shoots, door prizes and goodie bags) and free food (hot dogs, drinks and ice cream) while having an opportunity to learn more about the Smithville Fiber GigaCity project.

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We have a winner!

Congratulations members of the Lotus Fiberhood! The Lotus Fiberhood (the downtown area north of 6th street, up to 10th, and between Bartley and Main streets) have won our most recent fiberhood race and will now be scheduled to receive Smithville’s gigabit fiber services! More information in the mail as soon as construction is ready to begin.

Change in Smithville TV Equipment

Smithville will no longer be offering wireless set top boxes for use with our TV service. The wireless set top boxes we selected are not meeting our needs or the needs of our customers. Smithville is working with the equipment manufacturer in order to remedy these concerns until we have found an adequate solution. Please give us a call if you have any questions – (800) 742-4084.

Jasper Fiber Fun Fair – A day of fun and learning about Smithville services

Smithville Fiber will hosted its first annual “Fiber Fun Fair” at the Jasper Middle School, Saturday, June 18. Free hot dogs, chips and drinks were served by the Jasper Aquatic Wildcats and free ice cream was be provided by Libby’s Gourmet Ice Cream. The free event for Jasper residents encouraged learning about Smithville’s fiber services, construction plan, and the advantages of having gigabit fiber internet in the community.

Local Channel WJTS Added to Smithville Television

Smithville Television has added the local channel WJTS to the Evansville DMA (Designated Market Area), including Jasper and Griffin, Indiana. Effective June 15th, 2016, the local news station WJTS will begin airing on Channel 18.

Channel 18 will offer 24/7 programming with a local focus. Programming includes regional information such as Channel 18 News, city counsel meetings, and local high school sports, as well as syndicated shows such as The Lucy Show, Beverly Hillbillies, Recipe TV, Comics Unleashed, Jack Hanna, and American Trends with Dr. Gina.

The residents of Evansville, Jasper, Griffin, and surrounding areas can check out WJTS, Channel 18 starting June 15th. No action needs to be taken in order to receive these channels.

We have another winner!

Our next area scheduled to receive Smithville’s gigabit fiber services is the Saleen S7 neighborhood (commonly known as West View and the surrounding area). Congratulations, Saleens! You’ll receive more information in the mail as soon as construction is ready to begin.

Media Brief

JASPER (Indiana) – Smithville Fiber started lighting up its all-new residential fiber network in Jasper earlier this spring by turning on its first fiber-based customers, according to John Patten, president. “This is an exciting time for Smithville Fiber in Jasper,” Patten said. “We’ve completed a gigantic amount of work in planning, engineering and setting up our initial network, and we’re right on track.”   [Read More…]

March 2016 Update

Thanks to your pre-registrations, the votes are in, the next neighborhood to become a Smithville Fiberhood is: The Miatas! The Miata Fiberhood includes the homes just west of the Carson’s strip mall starting on the south side of the Mill Creek neighborhoods and continuing south to Reyling Drive. Congratulations, and thanks for taking the time to show your interest and help guide our construction efforts! The remaining neighborhoods in that same area are continuing to race. We’ll allow that contest to continue for a few more weeks before announcing the next winner.

Fiber 101.4  |  Smithville Fiber Makes Life Better

It’s no secret – the speed and capacity of fiber-based super-fast Internet will soon be a game-changer in Jasper homes and businesses. But did you know that Smithville Fiber will do far more than just connect your home or business to the Internet? Smithville’s fiber-driven IPTV, voice and additional services can improve most of the communication and entertainment services you use today, using incredible gigabit performance and fiber’s reliability.   [Read More…]

Fiber 101.3  |  Having Choices Makes Life Better

Whether you’re talking ice cream, coffee or technology, having choices makes life better. Right now Jasper residents and businesses don’t have many choices when it comes to connectivity and the services being connected make possible. There’s one choice for cable broadband and cable tv and that option is based on slower less reliable, decades old technology.   [Read More…]

Fiber 101.2  |  Smithville Fiber and you, making Jasper “Future Proof”

Making the communities we serve “Future Proof” is one of the ways Smithville Fiber makes life better. What do we mean by Future Proof? Providing advanced communication technology & connectivity that ensures communities like Jasper, its citizens and businesses are ready for the digital future no matter what that may be.  [Read More…]

Fiber 101.1  |  Do your remember the party line?

There was a day when we shared our phone line with the other families in our neighborhood. Seems archaic now, doesn’t it: waiting until the teenager across the street is finished talking to his girlfriend before you can use the phone?

But, did you know you are still using the party-line type technology today if you have cable Internet? With cable, you and your neighbors share the connection to the Internet. That’s why everything slows to a crawl in the evening after everyone gets home from work and school.

Our online connection is becoming more important every day.  [Read More…]

December GigaCity Progress

Based on pre-registration numbers, our next area scheduled to receive Smithville’s gigabit fiber services is the Bugatti neighborhood (commonly known as Golden Acres and surrounding area). Congratulations, Bugattis! You’ll receive more information in the mail as soon as construction is ready to begin. For those of you keeping an eye on the map, the fiberhoods are underway in the following order: Mustang, Audi and now Bugatti.

In other good news, on December 21 an entirely new area of Jasper was opened for pre-registration, which will determine where the project is headed next. The new areas are located in the north/northwest quadrant of the city, inside the city limits. Do you live on the north side? Check your address now (link to the address query) to see if this is your chance to pre-register. Remember, the neighborhood with the most pre-registrations will determine Smithville’s project direction. It’s quick, it’s easy, and there is no obligation to you. Best of all, pre-registration ensures that installation fees are waived at the time services are established.
What are you waiting for?

November GigaCity Progress

The Audi Fiberhood has taken the checkered flag! The Audi’s will be the next Fiberhood in line to receive Smithville gigabit fiber services. The Audi Fiberhood is most commonly referred to as the Brookstone neighborhood. If you are part of the Audi Fiberhood, and you haven’t done so yet, make sure you pre-register for services today! It’s quick and easy and there’s no obligation to you. Plus, pre-registering ensures that you’ll receive free installation when it comes time to hook you up.

We will continue to race the other Fiberhoods out of cabinet 1 for another few weeks, so make sure your Fiberhood gets gigabit fiber next!

October GigaCity Progress

In mid-October we will be announcing the first Fiberhood where we will send our construction crews and technicians to deliver in-home services. Along with the Fiberhood announcement, we will also be sharing with you the various products we have for you to choose from. Anybody within the Fiberhood named will be able to sign up for services via this website.

We were hoping to let each neighborhood grouping drive our construction schedule, but the first Fiberhood decision has been made based on the engineering and construction that has taken place around cabinet one. Determining the first Fiberhood ourselves was done strictly to meet our commitment with the City of Jasper, that we would begin connecting homes with our gigabit fiber at the beginning of 2016.

As for the rest of the homes that will be served out of cabinet one, YOU will determine which neighborhood we come to next. The neighborhood that expresses the most interest, through a pre-registration effort, will be the next area we serve. You and your neighbors will be in the driver’s seat! You read that correctly. The participation levels in each designated Fiberhood will determine the order in which we schedule the fiber builds to homes.

If your home isn’t in one of the initial areas… hang in there! We will get to every single person within Jasper’s limits, with everyone served by the end of 2018. But if you want to be earlier in the process, you and your neighbors can make that happen. Can you Gig it, Jasper?

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