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Having Choices Makes Life Better

Whether you’re talking ice cream, coffee or technology, having choices makes life better. Right now Jasper residents and businesses don’t have many choices when it comes to connectivity and the services being connected make possible. There’s one choice for cable broadband and cable TV and that option is based on slower less reliable, decades old technology.

Smithville Fiber is offering Jasper a new choice. A better choice. Our services are delivered to our homes with advanced fiber optics. A technology that’s faster, more reliable, more secure and it’s upgradeable without replacing equipment. Faster, future-proof services all at a comparable price to your current provider.

Four Better Choices from Smithville Fiber

Smithville Fiber Internet service improves everything about being on-line. With speeds 10x faster and significantly more capacity than cable Internet, No more buffering or lag times means a better online experience. Fiber’s is not affected by electricity, so it’s more reliable and secure.

Streaming TV – Pair your favorite TV streaming services with Smithville’s Streaming TV service, featuring popular Local channels like PBS, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, and more. Missed a show? Use Restart and Catch-Up TV to watch it. It also works on Amazon Firestick, Apple iPhone/iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

Smithville Voice gives you all you would except from a phone service; Caller ID, Call Waiting, Enhanced Voicemail and Unlimited Domestic Long Distance. And you get crystal clear, fiber delivered sound.

Smithville Home Security provides 24/7 monitoring, battery backup, keypad, keyfob remote, motion detectors and door and window sensors to protect your family and property and save on insurance costs utilizing the same advanced fiber technology.

Smithville Fiber is an Indiana company

While we have been nationally recognized as a Top 100 broadband provider, Smithville Fiber is built from the ground up by Hoosiers, for Hoosiers. When you subscribe to cable services, the money to pay your bill leaves Indiana for New York City every month. Doing business with Smithville Fiber means the money you earn in Indiana remains in Indiana to provide jobs and strengthen our state’s economy.

With Smithville Fiber’s Better Choices for Jasper, you get Better Internet, Better Television, Better Voice and Better Security. All at prices comparable to what you pay today for inferior products that are less reliable. Take a look at what we offer today and let us know your interest by completing the on-line sign up to make your neighborhood a 21st century Fiberhood. It’s quick, easy and there is no obligation. The neighborhoods with the most sign-ups will get priority in our installation schedule.

Remember, there is no obligation for signing up. To thank you for helping your neighborhood prepare for the future, we will waive the installation fee should you decide to sign-up for fast, dedicated Smithville Fiber once it’s installed in your neighborhood!

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