Fiber 101.1 | Dedicated Internet

Do you remember the party line?

There was a day when we shared our phone line with the other families in our neighborhood. Seems archaic now, doesn’t it: waiting until the teenager across the street is finished talking to his girlfriend before you can use the phone?

But, did you know you are still using the party-line type technology today if you have cable Internet? With cable, you and your neighbors share the connection to the Internet. That’s why everything slows to a crawl in the evening after everyone gets home from work and school.

Our online connection is becoming more important every day. It’s not just how you entertain yourself. It’s how you work, how you keep your home secure, how you stay in touch with distant family and friends. You deserve something better than “Party-Line” Internet service.

You, the City of Jasper and Smithville Fiber can prepare your neighborhood for the future starting now!

Together we can make life better in Jasper through advanced communication technology and connectivity. Smithville Fiber utilizes fiber optic infrastructure for Internet access. Each line of fiber contains 96 fiber optic strands. Just a couple lines of fiber will provide more bandwidth than the entire Cable network in your neighborhood does today. In fact, a single fiber strand the diameter of a pencil has the capacity to carry all global Internet traffic. Even better still, the fiber connection to your home is dedicated to you. No more party-line Internet!


devoted to a task or purpose; having single-minded loyalty or integrity; exclusively allocated to or intended for a particular service or purpose.

How do you benefit from a dedicated fiber connection? Imagine eliminating buffering when streaming music or video on Netflix or YouTube, ending gaps and stutters when video conferencing with family or business associates on WebEx or Skype and erasing lag time when playing multiplayer games like World of Warcraft. Think of what you do online and you’ll discover even more benefits to a fast, dedicated Smithville Fiber Internet connection.

Our challenge is choosing which Jasper neighborhoods will become our first gigabit Fiberhoods! That’s where you can help. Complete the online sign up to make your neighborhood a 21st century Fiberhood. It’s quick, easy and there is no obligation. The neighborhoods with the most sign ups will get priority in our installation schedule.

Remember, there is no obligation for signing up. To thank you for helping your neighborhood prepare for the future, we will waive all installation fees should you decide to sign up for fast, dedicated Smithville Fiber NOW!

Help make your neighborhood one of the first gigabit Fiberhoods in Jasper.

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