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Smithville Fiber and you,
making Jasper “Future Proof”

Making the communities we serve “Future Proof” is one of the ways Smithville Fiber makes life better. What do we mean by Future Proof? Providing advanced communication technology & connectivity that ensures communities like Jasper, its citizens and businesses are ready for the digital future no matter what that may be.

Last time we illustrated the difference between cable Internet’s “Party Line” and fiber’s dedicated connection. In addition to speed and capacity, Fiber also provides better security, safety and reliability.

Think of all the devices in your home that use your Internet connection; computers, smart phones, tablets, game consoles and smart TVs. It’s pretty easy to see why the average home has 6 devices connected to their Internet service!

As manufacturers continue to enable connections in all kinds of devices from refrigerators to wearables, smart technology is increasing the number of devices connecting to the Internet faster than we can imagine. There’s even a term for it, The Internet of Things. Experts predict that by 2020 the average smart home will have 50 or more connected devices.

Future Proof internet

The Internet of Things. Experts predict that by 2020 the average
smart home will have 50 or more connected devices.

While we can’t predict every “thing” that we will connect,  we know that the speed at which smart devices are being introduced is accelerating, which means the need for network capacity and speed is increasing too. Being “Future Proof” means being able to grow without rebuilding the infrastructure.

If you have cable or DSL, your Internet traffic is traveling via electrical impulses through copper wire. Conversely, using fiber, data travels via light impulses through a glass fiber.

First, electrical impulses through copper wire generates heat requiring more energy in data centers to keep equipment cool. Signals on fiber-optic cables are considered dielectric and do not generate any heat.  Therefore, less energy is required to keep data centers at the right temperature. Moreover, fiber is much less susceptible to electric interference like high voltage equipment and storms.

Second, light transmission makes intercepting data very difficult compared to the electromagnetic signals of coaxial cables. It’s just harder to tap fiber cables without disrupting the service.

Finally, the physics of light traveling through a fiber optic cable allows the data speed to continue to grow as technologies change. Today’s gigabit speed will become tomorrow’s 10 gigabit, 40 gigabit, or 100 gigabit services simply by changing the equipment at either end of the fiber. That simply can’t be done with copper wire infrastructure, which is why fiber is considered “future proof”. It can easily evolve.

With Smithville’s gigabit fiber, Jasper will be ready for the Internet of things now, but more importantly, fiber technology can grow without installing new cabling.

Once installation is complete, Jasper will be in the TOP 5% of connected cities in the United States. Our challenge is choosing which Jasper neighborhoods will become our first gigabit Fiberhoods! You can help by completing the on-line pre-registration to make your neighborhood a 21st century Fiberhood.
It’s quick and easy. The neighborhoods with the most pre-registration sign-ups will get priority in our installation schedule.

There is no obligation for pre-registering.
To thank you for helping your neighborhood prepare for the future, we will waive all of the installation fees should you decide to sign-up for fast, dedicated Smithville Fiber NOW!

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