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Smithville Fiber Makes Life Better

It’s no secret – the speed and capacity of fiber-based super-fast Internet will soon be a game-changer in Jasper homes and businesses. But did you know that Smithville Fiber will do far more than just connect your home or business to the Internet? Smithville’s fiber-driven StreamingTV, voice and additional services can improve most of the communication and entertainment services you use today, using incredible gigabit performance and fiber’s reliability.

All these services are made possible by the partnership of Smithville Fiber and the city of Jasper in bringing fiber-optic infrastructure to the Jasper community. Once all the new fiber is turned on, Jasper will be in the TOP 5% of connected cities in the United States.

Why is having a high ranking important to Jasper?

“Gigabit communities are empowered communities” In a 2014 study* of 51 communities, the Fiber to the Home Council Americas found that gigabit services added as much 1.1% to the economies of the 14 communities that had invested in it, resulting in an approximate $1.4 billion additional GDP when gigabit broadband became widely available. The financial impact is wonderful but you may ask, “How does gigabit fiber empower a community?” The answer is in multiple ways, including the direct effect of infrastructure investment and increased expenditures, as well as shifts in economic activity such as job creation, occupational changes and productivity gains. The true empowerment is that communities with widely available gigabit access are gaining control over the factors that shape the lives of their residents, businesses and institutions.

Closer to “home”, having fiber in your neighborhood can increase home value by over $5,000 on a $300,000 home. Gigabit fiber has increased home values as much as 7%** – Gigabit speed makes a difference.

Fiber is an investment in our city, community and our neighborhoods!

Remember, you are a big part of the success of fiber in Jasper! By pre-registering at, you can play a direct role in determining how fiber service rolls out in Jasper!

You will find that our services are competitively priced, even though the performance metrics are astronomically greater than the cable or satellite service  you may have today. And at Smithville we look forward to seeing the light in your eyes when you experience the difference!

Our challenge is choosing which Jasper neighborhoods will become our first gigabit Fiberhoods! You can help by completing the on-line sign up to make your neighborhood a 21st century Fiberhood. It’s quick, easy and there is no obligation. The neighborhoods with the most sign-ups will get priority in our installation schedule.

Remember, there is no obligation for signing up. To thank you for helping your neighborhood prepare for the future, we will waive the installation fee should you decide to sign-up for fast, dedicated Smithville Fiber once it’s installed in your neighborhood!

Smithville Fiber makes life better!

Quality Streaming TV

Pair your favorite TV streaming services with Smithville’s Streaming TV service, featuring popular Local channels like PBS, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, and more. Missed a show? Use Restart and Catch-Up TV to watch it. It also works on Amazon Firestick, Apple iPhone/iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

Reliable Voice Service

Why do you need a landline? It seems old fashioned, but a landline is a direct connection to your local emergency 911 call center that instantly generates your correct location. Cellular, VoIP, and other calling services can’t promise the same accuracy or reliability. For just $20/month our voice service includes: caller ID, call waiting, enhanced voicemail, and unlimited domestic long distance.

Comfort of a Secure Home

Smithville Fiber helps you protect your home and your family no matter where you are with on-the-go home monitoring, battery backup, motion detectors, door and window sensors, keypad and remote key fobs. Did you forget to lock the door? No problem, you can lock your doors, turn on your lights or control your thermostat from your mobile device. It’s another way Smithville Fiber makes life better!

The Fastest Internet Available in Indiana

Make the right move and upgrade to our Gigabit Internet! In addition to gigabit speed you’ll get firewall protections and in-home wireless. Stream multiple HD movies at the same time with no stutter or buffering. Upload large files without delay. The gigabit future is yours for about what you’re paying to the cable company now, plus you’ll be working with an Indiana company committed to making life better for Hoosiers.

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